A 20 something millennial born and grew up in China, moved to the U.S. in pursuit of study in international affairs and currenIMG_5662tly work in a tech company based in San Diego. I randomly picked up photography as a hobby in 2012 when I first received compliments from friends for photos I used my first DSLR Canon 650D to shoot under auto mode. Back in that time, I was always jealous of people who have fancy cameras that can take great pictures. Inspired by a friend who published phenomenal pictures on magazines with a less than $1k DSLR, I realized it is not about the gears and decided to learn to leverage more modes and settings. After 2 years’ informal practice and exploration, I switched to a Canon6D while started to shoot for some school events and friends’ graduation, wedding and babies. Over the past few years, I have been enjoying shooting for various categories including landscape, portrait, and events and have finally had few decent portfolios. Although the internet is full of brilliant and skillful photographer nowadays, I believe there is still room for an amateur like me to grow and share my stories. Hope you enjoy mine and feel free to comment and contact me.


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